We're having a clearance and pulled together the final 10 copies of our PRESS ON publication from this past summer — each featuring a curated selection of 30+ works submitted by artists, designers and illustrators from around the world

210mm x 150mm
Foil Block Cover
Risograph Printed

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Due to global demand we're doing a third colourway — it's available exclusively through Everpress and for one week only
Marble Grey®






Despite efforts to upgrade and grow we’ve reached the limit of potential with PRESS in Milton Keynes. Our calls for participation and approach to Risograph brought us in touch with so many artists locally and globally allowing us to push the idea of a printer beyond the physical form and build a community around the medium

Reaching this point has required huge effort from us but a shared belief in the greater benefit to Milton Keynes with wider love and interest from the riso community aided the desire to excel. Future plans relied on upgrading and replacing our existing tools including workspace expansion to accommodate – both of which are an enormous challenge in this new-town

As is the case for many in the arts; opportunity and access to public funding play hugely into the ability to progress into the future. Our recent efforts to raise this support have been unsuccessful and we cannot continue with our ailing setup

#pleasedontletmedieinmiltonkeynes is a response to the death of creative and culturally beneficial ideas and projects which fall through the support system they deserve

Started in 2016 PRESS aimed to build a platform for all

We believed in open-collaboration and invited artists, designers and illustrators from around the world to collaborate on events building community and awareness around a medium which championed the self-publishing movement

Art Direction Milton Keynes Design Centre
Production RnD